Enter a Career in Dental Assisting

Dentists go to school for many years to allow them to perform dental services for their patients. However, if you are looking into entering this career field without the long hours spent in college, consider a dental assisting school in Dunedin and Clearwater, FL. At Hopkins Institute, you will get the education you need to become a dental assistant and start helping individuals care for their smile. All courses are taught by experienced dentists so you can feel confident in the skills you learn.

We Teach the Latest Advances

Just like many other career fields, dental assisting is constantly growing and evolving. Our dental assisting program in Dunedin and Clearwater, FL, uses the latest in dental technology to teach you effective methods of helping your patients. This means you will enter the field fully prepared for whatever may come your way. Because you will be knowledgeable of the latest techniques and equipment, you will be more desirable to prospective employers, giving you an advantage in your job search.

Affordable Dental Assisting Courses in Dunedin, Florida

When you attend our dental assistant school in Dunedin, Florida, you will get the training you need to become a knowledgeable, skilled dental assistant dentists will be eager to work with. In addition to providing all the information you need to succeed in this field, we offer our courses at the most affordable prices possible. If you can’t afford our program, we will help you find the financing you need to become a qualified dental assistant. Contact us today to inquire about entering our program.